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Heart of a Warrior, Inc

Since our non-profit began, we have been in awe of how many people we have been able to empower.  We want to be able to do more and that requires growth.  We would love to be able to have more pasture land which would give us increased practice space, and allow us to bring in a lesson horse for those people who would like to try riding, and mounted archery, but don't have their own horse.  We have added equipment and archery targets to our supply but everything is piled up in various places on our property - we really need a storage building just for these things.  Targets, bows, arrows, track poles, maintenance equipment, could all be stored in one safe, weatherproof space.  

We received an estimate of $17,000 to clear 2 acres of land and remove any stumps,  The company we spoke with was so supportive of our mission and goals, that they are willing to do the job for $12,000!  Once the land is cleared we will need it fenced, which will cost an estimated $25,000, and then bringing in a storage building will be an additional $5,000.  

Your help is needed to fulfill this expansion dream and grant us the space we need.  Will you partner with us and walk this journey together?

Donations may be made directly to Heart of a Warrior, Inc. via Paypal, check or in-kiind.  To talk with us about how you'd like to contribute to our Capitol Campaign, click on the button below.

To make a secure online donation through Paypal, click here:  

Mailing Address:

Heart of a Warrior, Inc.

Capital Campaign Fund

17024 White Pine Road

Beaverdam, VA 23015

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Our mounted archers will be competing on three challenging courses over both days: The Hunt, The Raid and the Tower. The Hunt is a cross country course that requires the rider to navigate several turns and shoot targets while doing so including a target 30 meters away. The Raid may be the fastest course, requiring riders to shoot 2-5 targets, front shots and back shots on a straight 90 meter track in less than 14 seconds. The Tower course has targets placed high and allows the riders to shoot a volley of arrows, as many as they can, in 90 meters some of which can be 40 meters+. 

Greybeard's Viking Experience

Greybeard's Viking Experience will be joining us once again at our 2023 competition.  This year's event will be a full on Viking festival with entertainment, demonstrations and lots of incredible vendors.  For a complete description of all that will be offered from our Viking friends, as well as to purchase advance tickets, please visit

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